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Instructional Design

3 Steps to Better Healthcare Training

It is no mystery that the healthcare industry is complex, ever-changing, and operates with high stakes. Consider these factors when creating training.

Learning Strategy

9 Questions to Ask at Project Kickoff

Prevent your learning project from going off-track with by asking the right questions at the start of the project.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

4 Steps to Successful LMS Selection

Are you in the market for an LMS and don’t know where to start? The industry is full of options, and it can feel tedious to weed through them all.

Instructional Design

5 Microlearning Mistakes to Avoid

Today’s trend is to develop short micro-learning assets, typically 5–7 minutes in length allowing employees to jump in and out of a training program.

Organizational Strategy

3 Steps To Streamline And Automate Onboarding

Streamlining your employee or volunteer onboarding helps everyone. Learn three easy steps you can follow to make your onboarding a success.

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