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Our Best LMS Version for a Personalized and High-Quality User Experience

What we love about this iteration of our LMS is how easy it is for learners to find the content they are looking for and how well it works on all devices!

A quick note to those customers who are already using the new Novus III interface: Thank you! Either you are a new customer using our latest and greatest interface, you are one of the customers who helped us design and develop the interface, or you are an early adopter who made the switch before this announcement. We appreciate you and hope you will still learn something new from the article below about Novus III.

Even long-term customers are surprised by the free upgrade, which is true to the TraCorp LMS model. We worked with a few customers to fund the design and development of the enhanced experience and are now making it available free of charge. Learn more below!

Dedicated Content Views and Improved Search

Usability across devices was the primary focal point for Novus III’s design. Initial user feedback suggested areas for improvement, including streamlining the interface to make it easier for learners to navigate, displaying learning tracks and certification information, and using a single calendar to display classroom and webinar sessions.

Of the improvements made, two stand out. We added a search bar to every interface page to allow learners to query the LMS as soon as they log in. Additionally, we added content views. Learners can now select from the following content views (depending on their LMS’s settings): My Content, All Content, Live Sessions, Learning Tracks, Certifications, Dictionary, Tags, and Programs. Each view has a unique layout with filters applicable to each and uses a unique URL to easily link learners to the view(s) that are most important for them.

We also integrated these new views into the search function. When a learner types a term in the Search field, a list of matches displays with an indication of the view in which the match is located. For example, if a learner types “Compliance” in the search bar and “Compliance” matches Content, Learning Tracks, and Certifications with “Compliance” in the title, the learner can select from the following options: “Search for Compliance in Content,” “Search for Compliance in Learning Tracks,” or “Search for Compliance in Certifications.”

Below are detailed descriptions of the new views for content, sessions, tracks, and certifications.

My Content / All Content

This view lets learners see their content assignments, filter them by content type, hide completed content, show favorites, and sort. Choosing to filter by Classroom or Webinar content types will take learners to the Live Session calendar view.

Live Sessions – Classroom and/or Webinar

This calendar view allows learners to see all Classroom or Webinar sessions for which they are registered or available to register for. They can choose to view both Classroom and Webinar Sessions together or individually.

Learning Tracks

This view allows learners to see all Learning Tracks assigned to them, plus the completed items within the track. The main view shows the nested learning tracks. Once a learning track is selected, learners can navigate their list of assigned tracks by using the “Prev. Track” and “Next Track” buttons. When a learning track’s content is displayed, the learner can filter and sort the content just like on the Content view.


This view allows learners to see all Certifications assigned to them and the status of each. When a specific Certification is selected, the content within the certification is displayed, and the learner can filter and sort the content just like on the Content view.

New Features Exclusive to Novus III

Since building the Novus III interface, we have added several new LMS features to the platform exclusive to Novus III. A few of these features also have dedicated views for learners.

Glossary of Terms / Dictionary

The Glossary of Terms or Dictionary feature allows administrators to create terms for learners to view. Terms can be visible to all learners or only those with content assigned that the term(s) are associated with. For term(s) associated with a piece of content, a learner can select to view all associated terms. From the Glossary view, a learner can view all content associated with a term. Learn more here.

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Content and Learning Tracks can be tagged. There is a view for the tags to help learners find similar content by tag.


The Programs feature allows you to create a collection of content that can be assigned to user groups. Each program has a start and end date and the units that learners must complete to complete the program. Program units can be set in each piece of content’s settings. Programs are a great way to let learners choose from a group of approved content of what interests them most. Learn more here.

New Badges Page

Add gamification to your LMS by adding custom badges earned by learners upon completing a piece of content, learning track or program. Administrators can upload an image to a badge to personalize or add organizational branding. Learn more here.


Administrators can enable notifications to display in the student interface when an event is triggered. Some events a learner will be notified about includes Content assigned, Certificate earned, Learning Track assigned or updated, Badge available, and Certification expiration. Learn more here.

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New Profile Page

The profile page in Novus III has a modern look and offers more options for learners to filter reports about their training activity. For organizations that have many certificates, learners can now search and filter their certificates. If the setting is enabled, administrators can allow learners to unsubscribe from LMS emails, adding a button for this in the profile. Of course, once learners unsubscribe, they are shown a button to re-subscribe.

Background Images

Administrators can upload background images to display on the student interface and login page of the LMS. Background image categories can be used to group related images and activated or deactivated, so they are shown or hidden. When more than one background image and/or category is active, the system cycles through the images per session. So, each time a user accesses the site, they will get a single image used on the login page and the student interface. By refreshing the login page, learners can see all active background images. We created this feature for a customer who wanted to add categories for each month so they could have a monthly theme that utilized a group of background images.


Menus allow administrators to add links to the student interface. Links can be added to the navigation bar or the new student dashboard (more about that below!). The navigation bar menus can either be a single link or a drop-down menu of links. Because any URL can be added as a link, learners can use the menu feature to navigate to an external website or a specific page of the student interface. Learn more here.

Student Dashboards

Finally, administrators can configure a dashboard for students right from the administrator interface! Dashboards display a set of “cards” that contain the information and links that are most important to learners. The best thing about dashboards is that they can either be assigned to all users (as a default) or to members of a User Group to provide a unique user experience based on their groups. There are over 15 cards to choose from, including menus and a custom card using an HTML text card. Learn more here.

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Do you have questions about the new Novus III interface, or would you like to schedule a live demonstration? Contact us here.

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